2022 State of the Title Industry Survey

All the responses have been collected and we’re busy analyzing and working on the report. Stay tuned.

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This year when you took the survey, we donated $5 to ALTA’s Good Deeds Foundation. Thank you for sharing your experience!

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Why Participate?

Best Practice Benchmarking

In a short time, the title and real estate industry has experienced massive change. Title agents have been challenged with increased regulations, changes in technology, the heightened threat of wire fraud, and growing expectations from consumers.

Community Over Competition

By bringing together title professionals from all backgrounds to share their successes and challenges, we hope to help improve the quality of due diligence across the title industry. This doesn’t just help title companies, but the end consumer is better protected.

Do Some Good

For each survey completed, PropLogix has committed to donating $5 to the ALTA Good Deeds Foundation. Your time will go a long way to improve the industry and the causes that are most important to us all. Share your experience and do some good with us!