State of The Title Industry

Title professionals share their biggest challenges and reveal their secrets to success in our 2021 State of the Title Report. How has the industry tackled the increase of orders, a dwindling workforce, and the adoption of eClosing technology?

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About The Respondents
400+ responses
Performing closings in all 50 states
63% from title companies / 20% from law firms

Expected delays are even more prevalent

51% reported unexpected delays as the biggest day-to-day challenge, vs. 44% in 2020.

Balancing a bigger workload

The largest percentage of respondents said they were personally handling 21-30 closings a month (18%). In 2020, just 10% of respondents were handling that many closings, with the biggest percentage in 2020 reported handling 1-5 closings (21%).

Turning to Remote Notarization

62% of respondents say they adopted a RON solution between 2020 and 2021 as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic. 18% say they are currently in the process of adding a solution now.